Hey everybody!

Hi everyone, and welcome to my blog thingy. I’m not sure quite why I made this, I think part of me just wanted somewhere to note down my thoughts whether it be incase I forget, so I can try to stop dwelling on certain issues, or for whatever other reason, but hey, someone might like to read it….right?

About me

(Yes, I’m stealing part of my “About me” page, deal with it!)

For those of you who don’t know (which is probably most of you) I’m Nick.
I’m a college student and I’m just about to finish my first year studying computing.
I live on a small island in the UK called the Isle of Wight which slowly but surely, and also kind of sadly, seems to get more boring each day.
I love gaming, anime, sleep and food, they’re probably some of the greatest things in the world, not sure in what order though.

I also have a Youtube channel which I plan to start uploading gaming videos onto soon.

I’m not usually very good with following through with things I say, like, I’ll think of something that sounds fun and great to do and then start it a bit and never properly go through with it, and sometimes not even start it at all, just dwell on it for a bit e ach day. Part of that is kind of due to me having next to no motivation at all, I lost that bit by bit years ago.
But, I’d like to try to change that, prove myself wrong, so part of me thought I could make a start here, and then hopefully follow through to the Youtube channel I mentioned (Which was supposed to start in Jan/Feb this year but didn’t, though part of that was due to me not having a computer capable of running games decently while recording, but I’ve had the new computer for either a month or just under a month, and still haven’t released the first video.) and then hopefully a few other goals.

Also, I should probably mention that sometimes I tend to rant and ramble without noticing, so I apologise about that in advance.


4 thoughts on “Hey everybody!

  1. Welcome to the blog-o-sphere! I’ve read about the Isle of Wright. Well not about it per se, it was where a fictional character in a book lived.
    All the best in your blogging journey.


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