Fallout Shelter

So, I just wanted to make a lil’ post about this bloody fantastic game.

So, basically the idea of the game is that you are the overseer of a vault, which is basically a nuclear fallout bunker and slowly but surely, you get more and more dwellers for your vault, which are used to occupy various rooms, e.g power station, cafeteria, etc, and you need to keep 3 resources stacked up, power, food and water as without these your dwellers will become unhappy, eventually sick, and maybe even die.

The dwellers each get their own stats (Which can be improved in training rooms) which can increase the productivity in various rooms, e.g strength will help with productivity in a power station and so on. You can also improve these stats with outfits.

You can also send your dwellers out into the nuclear wasteland to scavenge for things such as outfits, weapons (So dwellers in the wasteland can defend themself, or even so those in the vault can defend themselves from certain catastrophes), junk (which is used for crafting weapons and outfits) and finally caps (Which is the currency of the game). Be sure to give them enough stimpacks and radaway so they can heal themselves and reduce their radiation damage (Rads)!

There’s also alot more things to go into, but I’d rather not ruin it all.

So, if you’ve got a smartphone of some description, I’d definitely recommend picking it up. Especially if you’re a fan of the Fallout franchise. Best of all? It’s completely free! Yeah, there are some “microtransactions” but they don’t ruin the game in any way at all whether you get them or not, I haven’t bought any and I’m having a blast.

I recently built myself a new PC for gaming, which once I have my new HDD and SSD (Currently using my old one) it will have cost over £1000, and yet here I am, for the last few days my most played game has probably been Fallout Shelter on my phone.
It’s great, because you can sit there and manage everything on your own, or work on it for a few minutes and then leave it to manage itself for a few hours, which is great in some situations (I was playing it inbetween rounds in a Counter Strike match).

So, kinda a long post, wasn’t supposed to be this long, but anyway got bored and thought why not?
So until the next time, thanks for reading!


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