Tired all the time

So, I kept meaning to make a post the other day (Which isn’t this btw, I’ll add that later) but I never really manage to, currently the reason this being that I seem to be tired literally all the time.

I’m really not sure what it is at all, I would used to say it’s due to staying up late but now I’m not even sure, maybe just being a little lazy? No idea.

For example, last night I was awake until about 2am, which really isn’t that late and then ended up waking up today at 11:20am, that’s  9 1/3 hours sleep which is already quite a fair bit, I think the recommended amount is only about 7-8 hours?
Anyway, got until about 2pm, maybe a bit earlier, maybe a little later, and then there I went again, and ended up falling asleep, only to wake back up at 6pm, that’s a further 4 hours sleep. Yet…I still feel tired? Even after 13 1/3 hours sleep.

I read somewhere quite a while back that depending on the person they can feel more or less energized depending on the time they wake up, go to sleep, and how much sleep they get. For example, staying up and then going to sleep at 7am (Totally didn’t used to do this) and then waking up around 10am, and you’d somehow feel completely energized and then be fine for the whole day, but if you slept..lets say 11pm until 7am, so that’s 8 hours sleep, you’d feel completely awful and end up being tired throughout the whole day. So I’m wondering if it could be that?

No idea. Anyway, just thought I’d make a quick post to clear my mind and let people know why I haven’t posted…that’s if people even read the things I write.
I’ll try to make the other post later (Provided I don’t fall asleep again!) So until then, have fun!


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