Rage my way to oblivion

So as I said earlier, I’ll be making another post, and I suppose this is it.
(Warning: Long rant, Bad language.)

So, I don’t quite know why but I’ve slowly been getting more pissed off, not about anything inparticular either, literally just everything and anything. My friends, sometimes my parents, games, it’s all getting to me more and more.
I don’t know, maybe I just look into things way too much now?


Some examples being,

Parents: They’ll say how they never see me, how I never come downstairs and the only time they do actually see me is when I’ve come down for food or a drink, but when I do actually come down for a period of time longer than 30 seconds, I just seem to get moaned at about literally anything, sometimes it even feels as if they just look for anything they can to moan at me about just for the sake of it. I love them very dearly, but that really gets to me and lately has been pissing me off more and more.

Friends: Okay, I’m not going to name names here just incase anyone I know looks here, since I really don’t want to cause anything between me and anyone.
But some of the people I know have points in time where they are highly immature (Well we all do tbh) but I don’t mean the funny, jokey aroundy with your mates kind of immature I mean like, for instance during a fight, parts of their argument will be childish and just down right illogical or sometimes it’s just literally the way they act in general, without the fighting. Now I’m not saying I’m perfect, but some of these people I refer to (well actually what I’m about to say counts for most people I know in general) are older then me, some of them by quite a fair bit, and I thought the older you are the more mature you’re supposed to get, I guess that doesn’t always count for some people.
Then some others I know (Again, not all of them, just a few who I won’t name) only ever seem to wanna know me when they have nothing better to be doing.

Games: Oh boy…where do I even start? Games piss everyone off, it’s normal, but some of the things I get into, well…

Counter Strike

Let’s take counter strike for example, I used to play this quite alot, during this time I’d suffer countless problems which usually were related to the games community, such as trolls, bad teammates, etc. Now I know these are things you encounter in most games and what basically everyone complains about/puts in the blame on, but in CS that literally is just the case, atleast for Silver league.
Silver is the lowest league in the game, and I was stuck in that pretty much the whole time I had CS, unable to break out of it due to the reasons I’ve stated, unfortunately the whole reason I got into that league in the first place is due to getting placed there when I first got the game due to losing a few matches and not performing optimally due to being new to the game and not having much of an idea about it and then by the time I was actually good at it (Fairly good too, if I might add) I was already in too deep, and the reasons I stated prevented me from moving up. Some people will say I could’ve just got a full group, sure, but for me it’s easier said than done, considering most of my friends don’t like CS, and the ones that do come on at different times and sometimes don’t wanna play at the same times. ANYWAY back to the point, this had caused me to slowly over time lose my patience with the game, I had the last straw when one night I finally managed to break out of the league(For about the 3rd time), after all that time to the next league up. In order to get this “league up” I had to win 7 or 8 matches in a row which trust me, is very hard and annoying, especially in silver league and each match can take up to 90 minutes. So, what happened? Well, I ended up in a match with a guy who refused to stop trolling, and the team was unable to kick him as he had a friend in the game (Stupid Valve think 3 Votes to kick < 2 Votes to not kick) so he was there to stay. Eventually a few rounds in I had enough of his bullshit and killed him in hope he would stop, nope he carried on and the game gave me a warning that further friendly fire will result in conciquences. So further into the match it was basically just me and one other guy carrying the team, due to this I was a bit on edge which resulted in me mistakingly panic firing(Didn’t actually kill him) a teammate who crept up on me, since I knew there was a few enemies near me and I thought that was their footsteps I could hear, no communication for him/her to warn me or anything, so yeah, panic fired them. Game decided I had done too much “friendly fire” kicked me, and then gave me a 30 minute game ban, AND DE-RANKED ME!
So I had it, I quit the game and instantly deleted it with no intention on coming back.
Well, a month or two down the road I decided to give it one last chance. (After not playing for 30 days or so, the game deletes your rank and re-ranks you based on your performance in your first match) So, first match got paired with all Russians on my team (Was midnight for me, so about 2am for them so that was surprising. Especially since the ping I search for is on minimum. I was really hoping to maybe get some late night English players or Americans. Though I can see how the ping thing would affect the latter) and the language barrier was horrible, they spoke no English at all and just shouted crap I couldn’t understand down their mic, so I muted them, luckily we won, though I did get placed into silver again, but it was the highest tier of silver and I thought to myself ‘Let’s just grind through and get it back’. So next match, (1am for me) paired with Russians again(Wtf?) at this point I was confused why the game insisted I be besties with Russians. Again, language barrier was horrible(I think they could speak a bit of English this time) but these people weren’t good this time. We was on a map called Dust 2, and when you’re the CTs you need to defend two bomb sites A&B, anyway to get to B you can go through mid or tunnels and to get to A you can go mid, short or long. So a few rounds in we had 2 guys went towards B and me and 2 others went to A, one of our guys pushed long, I went to defend short and the third guy sorta just…floated around? Anyway guy long got killed, so I said to the other guy at A ‘Watch long, I’ll cover short’ so he started walking towards short…I told him again, he carried on coming towards me, eventually I started getting pissed with him, the enemies gained site control, we both got killed, they planted the bomb, we lost the round. From what I had seen then (And from previous rounds) the guy had literally no clue what he was doing. So I did what had to be done if we wanted any chance at winning, vote kicked the guy, but due to their entire team being Russian they decided ‘Fuck you Mr.English’ all voted no, vote kicked me, all hit yes, and before the system could kick me I had already quit off the game and deleted it. Fuck that game and it’s community. At this point I was super pissed and for some reason literally couldn’t calm down, it was that bad I had to go over a few things that made me sad just so I could stop being pissed. First game that’s done that to me. No more CS at all.

Call of Duty Black Ops (Original)

I recently bought this for PC, and I’ve really been loving it…kinda. The people I’ve encountered so far appear to be complete brain dead morons. Pretty fitting considering I met most of them on zombies. They have no sense of survivability, and I don’t believe they know communication is actually a thing, as well as listening. I’ve found people going down countless times in early rounds, I saw it when I used to play X-box, but not as early on as they do on PC. There’s only thing I’ve found on both PC and X-box, and saying this will probably make me sound extremely cocky, so don’t get me wrong but I’ve noticed that the second I go down, that’s it, game over. Everyone always seems to go down before me no matter the round. I always appear to be the one running around getting everyone back up, finishing off the zombies for that round after everyone has died, etc, and I have no idea how it takes people so long to get back up on their feet after actually dying (Not going down) when they’ve stacked a crap ton of points. If I somehow go down and people are alive to finish the round after I die (Which really is rare) I’ll pretty much be back to where I was before I went down in a matter of seconds, sometimes before the round has even had a chance to properly start. I only ever seem to go down if A) I’m trying to save someone, or B) someone decides to fuck me over, whether it be by opening a door near me that doesn’t need to be opened (I usually stay isolated from the group and defend my own area. Staying together as a group gets way too messy) bringing their zombies to me, or making mine randomly and suddenly change direction.
Then there’s the multiplayer. I enjoy this quite a bit, I could be wrong but I think I’m better at the multiplayer here than I was on Multiplayer black ops on the X-box, maybe I’m the same though, can’t remember, has been a while since I played X-box.(1-2 years?) Most of the time I play on one particular server that’s hardcore and had a rotation of modes, Dom, Dem, HQ, and usually I get on a streak and then some idiot ends up killing me (Friendly fire) and ruins my streak, which I then proceed to tell in chat to watch their fire, sometimes in a nice way, sometimes not, depends on the streak. Then there’s the people(On my team) who decide to walk infront of me when I’m clearly trying to shoot someone, doing this takes away my points, I think after a few times it kills me aswell, and eventually after enough friendly kills it kicks.
The other day, some guy joined just to friendly fire, and every time it kicked him he just joined back. Yep, the smart people running that server made a kick system but not a ban one. Today I had the last straw with that server, some guy ruined my streak 3 times in the same match and I said in chat “fucking moron stop killing me” the guy then proceeds to tell me “language” now I have no idea if you can vote kick with chat commands or if the guy was an admin but I replied “I wouldn’t need to say this shit if you fucking watch who you’re shooting” then I see him tap in some command in chat referencing my name and “kick” and poof, I was gone. So again, no idea if vote command or admin kick, but yeah. Nice. 18+ Game, people can’t even handle a tad of bad language there. Don’t like bad language? Don’t buy an 18+ game. Simple. It’s there for a reason, not to be someone’s fucking safe space. Which I’m getting really sick of tbh, you can’t say anything these days without someone getting butthurt. Even if they don’t like it, pretty sure games allow you to block communications for a reason.

So those two games have pissed me off quite alot lately, quite a few other games have pissed me off, not exactly recently, but ehh…let’s not get into that.
One final thing pissing me off? WordPress. I’m even considering switching to Tumblr. Everything seems to be so complicated, or rely heavily on premium. All I wanted to do was center a few words, but using the button centers the entire post and none of the center commands I knew seemed to work, so I had to go look online for about 10 minutes since every solution I seemed to find appeared to be theme specific or rely on premium once again.

/End rant

I have no idea what all this is because of lately. I’m thinking maybe I need to start finding some new outlets? Maybe try to meet a girl or something? I dunno.

Anyway, sorry about this giant rant, but it’s been bugging me for days and I’ve really wanted to get it all off of my chest. Thanks for listening.


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