Blog Neglection!

So, I realised I haven’t posted in 12 days! My apologies for that, I’ll try to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Last week I ended up getting caught up with an exam and after it took a few days relaxation playing Assassins Creed Black Flag (Love that game so much) and since then I’ve kind of been playing it non stop. I only wish it had multiplayer like the singleplayer side of it.

Aside from last night I’ve spent the past 7 nights prior to that up until at least 7am, no idea why or how, but it happened. Anyway, on the 7th night (Or morning, if you like) I decided to go for a walk, try to clear my head and see if that would help, maybe tire me out a bit, and wow, it was spectacular. It was 6am when I left and the streets were completely deserted. I walked for a few miles and during that time saw but a mere 3 people. It kind of gave me an illusion in my mind what it could be like if something such as a zombie apocalypse ever happened, although if that did ever happen I’m sure the place would be more of a wreck.
On my journey some of the sights I saw were amazing, at least to me they were, I live a few streets away from the sea and ended up taking a walk along the seafront, it really was great, seeing the sun slowly rise over the horizon.
Along my way I came across a park I used to go to and decided to have a quick sit down there, while I was there a small family of bunnies decided to make an appearance and oh my, they were so cute.
On my way back I ended up at a lake me and my mum had visited a few weeks earlier, when we were there we saw some goslings, and even though it had only been a few weeks since then they have already grown so much!
By this time a lot more people had started appearing as it was pushing on 7, so people were on their way to work and school. In that short hour it had already got alot lighter too.

Well, I finally got home and by now my mum was awake, I told her all about it and showed her some of the pictures I had taken. After our talk, I made some breakfast, ate and then at long last managed to drop off and get some well needed sleep.

After waking up at whatever hour it was in the afternoon I decided that I will push myself to make a proper start on the Youtube channel I wished to have. At some point I also came across a brand new World of Warcraft private server that had only opened yesterday, I decided I’d record it all while I check it out and put up a review for it as one of my early videos, so that has pushed me even further to get this all started!

So, I leave anyone reading with that, as I’m now going to grab something to eat and make a start on my introductory video. Until the next time, peace!



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